For Institutions

We provide tailored services to both Pakistani institutions and UK universities. If your desired service is not included below, please contact us to find out more.

University Collaborations

We facilitate collaborations between Pakistani and British institutions. These could be through a variety of avenues including student exchange and study-abroad programs, joint-degree programs, or even collaborations with governmental and developmental agencies. Whatever capacity your institution is seeking a collaboration in, please contact us to explore further.

Outsourced Counselling Services

We can offer a fully tailored, outsourced counselling solution to Pakistani schools and universities. This service includes the provision of highly trained counsellors, establishment of collaborations with foreign colleges and universities, and all other activities associated with counselling of high-school and college students in Pakistan

Training Courses

We arrange training courses at reputable UK universities for teachers and staff from Pakistani institutions. The training could be on subject-specific, language-based or even administrative topics. We take care of all arrangements including accommodation and travel, and can also include sight-seeing trips within the UK to ensure that trainees get the complete experience.

Conferences & Seminars

We represent UK universities at conferences, exhibitions and seminars in Pakistan. We can also arrange tailored sessions within schools and universities for UK institutions seeking to increase their visibility in Pakistan. Our London office can also facilitate similar activities for Pakistani institutions looking to establish a presence in the UK.